Juanita Albuja de Oliva

Juanita is an Ecuador – Spanish citizen with Dominican Republic residence and Advance Talent Caribbean SRL, Country Head. She has more than 40 years of experience working in small and medium sized family companies, as well as large multinational corporations such as Deloitte and Touché and Shell International Ltd. in Latin America, The Caribbean and Europe.

Juanita’s professional career has allowed her to gain experience in projects of different sizes in the areas of finance, strategy, portfolio investment, corporate governance, teamwork, human capital, stakeholder management, change management, succession and retirement planning. She is a mentor who works with individuals to achieve their Ikagai.

She has participated in a range of leadership programs in different organizations: The International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Lausanne, Suiza, AlESEC ALUMNI, certified coach by the USA Certified Coaches Federation, Project Management for Result by the International Development Bank. She is a Chartered Director of the Caribbean Governance Training Institute.

Juanita has lived in 14 cities, 10 countries and ran corporate governance workshops in all continents to more than 1400 directors, shareholders and top management staff. These opportunities have allowed her to develop a deep understanding of our global cultural diversity and become a world citizen and understand the challenges that a Board Director faces. 

She understands that communication, human diversity and the Fiduciary Duties that a Board Director are key factors for Board success.

Finally, Juanita is an associate of TTI Success Insights. In 2014, she ran a study on the Board of Directors Profile in the Dominican Republic. Currently, she is working on an update of this profile that will be used worldwide and become the standard for Board Directors for their ongoing development and growth in this challenging role.